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I’m at the red and black cafe :), just picked up ‘We are an image from the future’ which I’ve wanted to read for a long time. I decided to hang out here for a bit, figure out where I’m staying tonight from here, i’m going to make my way to hood river sometime soon hopefully. I don’t know how to begin writing about everything, I’ve been hanging out with street kids, hippies, musicians, travelers, I’ve spoken about Anarchism with a couple of people and Activists, I picked up the ‘From hell’ graphic novel, a part of me has been wanting to just stop and read so many different books. The coolest thing about Portland is that everyone is so different, there’s just so many different personalties here. Portland is definitely kept weird lol, it’s awesome though. I also went to these beautiful waterfalls. I have been missing my girlfriend so much, I’m still thinking about her a lot of the time. I can only hope and dream but despite everything it feels really nice too. I’m still here for a week, I’ll hopefully meet more awesome people and have a good time while i’m here :).
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    ‘We are an image from the future’ is awesome! Was the book that pretty much made me want to be an anarchist.
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