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Your revolt

Telling a revolutionary his actions are too violent towards the oppressors is like telling an anarchist she breaks too many laws. Force is the only way to defeat force. The natural enemy of the worker is the policeman, for the poor it is the policeman, the mindless dogs of politicans and the bourgeoisie have no respect for human life. How many have to be killed? How many counts of genocide? How many wars? How much slavery, murder, torture, and rape that is occurring right now at the hands of government before it takes one to develop no respect for those that have no respect for life? How many more trees have to be cut down, how many habitats destroyed, more species have to go extinct by the actions of one species before we destroy those responsible for the destruction of the planet?

In this dying world with our history of the ocean of bloodshed by the state it is always justifiable to strike terror into the eyes of the real terrorists, the capitalists, the fascists and authoritarians! To bomb the banks, shoot at cops, kidnap your exploiter, expropriate from the banks and rich thieves, do not wait to be free, hurry to live free! Do not fight for freedom without being a fighter of freedom itself, and live with dignity and joy in your heart.

The anarchist philosophy is of action, if you are being starved you take the food you need, if you have been left to die on the streets you squat an empty building to have the shelter you need, if you have had your freedom and life taken from you and your comrades, you take it back. 

What do we do with politicians, the heads of deadly corporations, their journalists, the bankers, the bosses, their prisons and their vile cops? 

You decide. One day this flame will spark inside of your heart, a spontaneous revolt, you will experience a primal rebellion against the injustices before you, to end them. A beautiful and great urge to attack will rattle your rib cage for freedom, to defend your life and the lives of others. 

One must prepare themselves, mentally and importantly materially for this day. Every single day is a beautiful day for a revolution. The insurrection is coming, the revolution is coming, if you want it to.

When the conditions are right for armed struggle and total liberation, it will be too late to prepare for it. The enemy, the state prepares everyday, however they can never stop the chaotic nature of the people in revolt, the indomitable determination and courage of the wildfire of free spirits.

Every time you fight back and we fight back we are winning. Every time we inflict damage upon their rotten system we are winning. 

Let us burn the state to ashes and rubble! Kill capitalism before it kills you!

For a new and better world,

Bombs away to this rotten system!
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